Design & Fitting

The Rambo Micklem Multibridle and Competition bridles were designed by William Micklem who is a successful trainer and a breeder of event horses in Ireland.

The Micklem Multibridle is designed to be an all in one bridle incorporating a head collar, a bit less bridle, as well as a lunge cavesson and a normal bridle. The Micklem Competition bridle is just a bridle.

Both bridles are shaped to the horses head allowing room for ears and shaped round the cheekbone. The noseband sits slightly lower on the nose than a normal cavesson but it doesn’t obstruct the airways of the nose and is designed not to be fitted tightly around the mouth. There isn’t a throat lash just a strap under the cheekbone, this shouldn’t be fitted tightly!  The bit clips are an option and when they are clipped onto the bit, they reduced movement of the bit in the horse’s mouth.

Both bridles come with 2 sets of bit straps and 4 bit clips. The Multi bridle also has the 2 straps which are needed to make the bridle bitless and a DVD to show you how to fit it.

British Dressage

The Micklem Multi Bridle and Competition Bridles are both legal to use in national affiliated competition WITHOUT the bit clips.

British Eventing

The Micklem Competition Bridle & the Micklem Multi Bridle are legal in National & International (FEI) classes WITHOUT the bit clips.

Please view this very thorough video which explains the fitting procedure for the Micklem Bridles.

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